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Rose Quarter Development Project - Decision Process

Fact Sheet

Winter 2010-11 (pdf, 527kb)


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Related Projects

The Rose Quarter Development Project will help inform the N/NE Quadrant Study, a collaborative effort by the City of Portland and ODOT to integrate land use and urban design planning with freeway planning and concept-level engineering in the N/NE portion of the central city, including the Rose Quarter. Visit their website for more information.


Portland Development Commission


City of Portland


Process - Making Decisions about the Future of Memorial Coliseum and Rose Quarter Development

Decision Makers

Portland City Council (Council) - Five-member Council of Commissioners including Mayor Sam Adams, and Commissioners Randy Leonard, Amanda Fritz, Nick Fish and Dan Saltzman.
The Council will:

  • Select a proposal for the renovation or adaptive reuse of the Memorial Coliseum;
  • Adopt the Rose Quarter Plan that will guide future development in the district; and,
  • Approve investment of any city resources (other than tax increment financing) in the project.

Council decisions will be based on public input and guidance from the Stakeholder Advisory Committee and the Portland Development Commission Board of Commissioners.

Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) - Representative ad hoc group constituted to represent a cross-section of key interests in advising the Council on the Rose Quarter Development project. Meetings are a public forum for members to have a dialogue about and reach agreement on project issues.
The SAC will:

  • Confirm the vision for Rose Quarter development;
  • Recommend a screening and evaluation framework for Memorial Coliseum renovation or adaptive reuse ideas and proposals;
  • Recommend ideas and a final proposal for the Coliseum renovation or adaptive reuse; and,
  • Provide feedback on the Rose Quarter District Plan.

Portland Development Commission Board of Commissioners (PDC Board) - Five-member Board of Commissioners including Chair Scott Andrews, Bertha Ferran, John Mohlis, Charles Wilhoite and Steven Straus.
The PDC Board will:

  • Provide recommendations to Council on the renovation or adaptive reuse of the Memorial Coliseum and the Rose Quarter District Plan; and,
  • Approve the investment of tax increment financing in the project from the Oregon Convention Center Urban Renewal Area.

PDC Board decisions will be based on public input and guidance from the Council, the SAC, the Oregon Convention Center Urban Renewal Advisory Committee, and the N/NE Economic Development Initiative Advisory Committee.

Public Input - Several avenues will be available for the public to join in the conversation about the future of the Memorial Coliseum and Rose Quarter development. This website - - is the best source for the latest information on the project. Online surveys, idea submission and review forms, and comment cards will be posted for Council, SAC and PDC Board consideration. Social networking media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, plus public forums scheduled throughout the project will broaden public access and outreach.

Rose Quarter District Plan Process

Rose Quarter District Planning Process

Download a larger version of the process diagram. (pdf, 188kb)

Project Partners

The Rose Quarter Development Project team is composed of staff from the Portland Development Commission, the Mayor's Office, Portland's Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, the consultant firms of JLA Public Involvement, Boora Architects and EcoNorthwest. This PDC-led team taps a full range of expertise and talent from across city departments to shape and guide the project. Contact the team.

For more information... , Portland Development Commission 503.823.3351
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