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The Rose Quarter Development Project will help inform the N/NE Quadrant Study, a collaborative effort by the City of Portland and ODOT to integrate land use and urban design planning with freeway planning and concept-level engineering in the N/NE portion of the central city, including the Rose Quarter. Visit their website for more information.


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The Concepts are in. Come see for yourself how the Memorial Coliseum could be transformed.

Posted January 13, 2010
January 26, 5 p.m.
Memorial Coliseum
Price: FREE (registration required)

Teaser video for Jan. 26 Public Concepts event.

More than 95 different proposals were submitted for the renovation or adaptive reuse of Portland's Memorial Coliseum. Now it's time to see the proposals in the spotlight. On Jan. 26, each individual or group that submitted a full concept will have 5 minutes to present their concept to the 32-member Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) and an audience of the general public.

Anyone interested in attending the event should visit for more information and to print out the free RSVP voucher needed for admission. Doors at Memorial Coliseum will open at 5 p.m., and the registration-required, free and open-to-the-public event will run until approximately 9:00 p.m. City parking garages will be free during the event.

About the process

On Jan. 26, everyone who submitted a concept will have the opportunity to set up a table with additional information and answer questions from event attendees. Concepts that utilize the full building (full concepts), and some which don't utilize the full building (partial concepts) will also have the opportunity to give a short presentation to the 32-member Stakeholder Advisory Committee and the general public.

The SAC will make recommendations to Portland City Council in late February as to which full concepts should continue on in the process as well as provide input on partial concepts to receive the formal Request for Proposal (RFP) from the city. The RFP will be issued in March and responses will be due in April. City Council expects to select the winning proposal in late May.

Click here to view the concepts.

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one comment
Trudy Reusser said on 1/18/2010

The Memorial Coliseum is a very valued and valuable asset to Portland, Oregon, and the voting citizens. First the design, content, and dedication of this Memorial was voted on by the citizens. Second, the finished building was dedicated to (a) cultural opportunities for the citizens and (b) to the men and women who went to war fighting for our freedoms and did not come home. This was done with deliberation, gratitude, and respect. Further, the mothers (Gold Star) of those brave men and women made the effort to make the Memorial Coliseum possible. Third, we are one of only two cities in this country that have the advantage of two large venues close to each other, where two or more events can be held at the same time or so that citizens can attend one, then the other. Also, the many events held at the Coliseum have made it profitable and successful from the first year on, even if the accounting methods did not show it. The Memorial Coliseum also helped to make Portland famous to the country and the world, therefore, Portland attracts even more tourists. The approach that makes the most sense is to preserve the building, which is a memorial, including the “honor walls” of the casualties of war, and to enhance it. With restoration of the park, with added landscaped walks and bike trails, with access to dining, entertainment, shops, offices, even space for the homeless to have a clean place to sleep, etc. the Memorial Coliseum can be upgraded to become even more useful, more profitable, and more valuable, and will serve even more of the PEOPLE. Treat it as if your father, brother, or grandfather had their names on the wall. It’s as close to a grave as their families and the rest of us will ever have. It’s sacred ground. Listen to your heart and your conscience.


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